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  • Strategy
    • Communication strategy

      We think deep into the core of your company or brand and accompany you; if you're looking for a fresh outer perspective, a punctual feedback or a counterpart to develop a durable communication strategy with you.

      In these processes we also think in measures: How can communication strategies be implemented* so that they function and come across for you? Only realised strategies can let energy free.
      *Of course we're happy to take care of the realisation stage.

    • In consulting processes we reach out for both tried-and-tested and unusual tools inside the Löwentor method kit.
    • Colour and picture box

    • »Orientiering Walk«

      In agency jargon, this is called »kick-off workshop«, but we call it »Orienteering Walk« and mean it just as it is, because instead of a mutual presentation of our expertise, we begin the cooperation with a shared experience of the task in the woods.

      There’s great potential in the simplicity of a walk, without any external pressure or effort. You have time and space for awareness and reflection.
      On what kind of terrain does our path run? Where does it start? What’s our destination, and how
      do we feel while we’re travelling? What moves do we make, how fast do we go? What are our strengths?
      Are there pitfalls? Trails? What about the views, gradients and breakpoints of the path? Whom do we meet on the path and how? What’s the direction of our journey and what are our objectives?

    • Together we journey from the interior view to the external view, from the self-image (identity) to the way others will see us. How can the essence of your brand find authentic expression? In its visual appearance, for instance, and in its method and manner of speech and action? Authenticity – the congruence of your self-image and your public image.

    • Systemic constellation of the team

      In this constellation, everyone in the team is at first independent. The result is a spatial visualisation of the internal relationships. How does this group look, where does each team member belong, which inherent relationships can be felt and seen? Following their inner impulses, each member looks for a place in the room that seems just right and finds a coherent attitude there.

    • Systemic constellation of the individuals

      This second systemic constellation is all about the individuals, the persons with whom the company will be dealing in future and who will perceive the company from the outside. Which places do these individuals take up in this system, which relationships to the platform can be felt and seen?

    • Landscape sketch

      We document the Orienteering Walk and summarise it for you as a »landscape sketch« – and you can draw from this material for your future work profile.

    • An overview of the existing media

      »Everything on the table« – together we take a look at the current state of affairs and define what’s worth keeping.

    • Timelines

      The next 12 months at a glance.

    • The How-Game

      Participants take 3 game rounds to weight the adjectives resulting from
      the impluse-questions using chips.
      Figures and graphs are extracted from this game – a step on the way to the genetic code of a brand.

    • What's moving us?

      A brainstorming, for instance on campaign work in the coming year.

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