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    • In early 2015, we won a contract from the German Wine Academy (DWA) and started revamping the old corporate design from the ground up. Until recently, the DWA had
      a small fragmented corporate signet from the eighties – it had no recognition factor, no link to the industry and absolutely no scientific character.

      Now, the abstracted initials “DWA” function as a strong brand image right in the centre of the visual image. 2D becomes 3D in a graphical convolution. A distinct rhythm and a completely independent silhouette are created simply by repeating similar elements. This is both tangible and dynamic, summoning and driving the DWA and its scientific image into the here and now.


    • The new website of the German Wine Academy is a responsive implementation. The comprehensive content offered by the Academy has been reopened and made available thanks to new targeted keywording. All the topics have been cross-linked just like you see in a wiki. Instead of the old endless selection menus, users can now use context-sensitive filters for navigation, or they can jump to related topics while reading the content. 


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