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    • Our Charter

      As a part of a greater whole we bear social and environmental responsibilities. These are the origin of the guidelines for our activities at Atelier Löwentor.

      • We are contractually independent of suppliers and collaborators and don't procure commision payments.
      • We boycott dumping and recommend alternatives.
      • We value longevity and sensitise our clients for it.
      • We choose the most environmentally friendly materials and production methods possible and advise accordingly.
      • We don't work for the military, the arms and nuclear power industries or their suppliers.
      • We don't work for individuals, organisations or companies associated with extreme right-wing constitutions and expect our contractual partners to be commited to democratic principles.
      • Mindfulness and the compatibility of family and career are central values of our business culture,
      • as are constant personal and professional development.
      • Food also has a high priority. The fifteenth addition to our bunch will be a cook – at least, that's the plan.

      Collaborators and customers with similar perspectives are the focal point of our corporate orientation and acquisition.

    • Jobs

      We're continually in search of dedicated graphic design or media design students for a practical semester.

      Furthermore, we're always glad to meet qualified people in the  trade – whether it's for project-based collaboration or  professional exchange.

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